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O'Neill Clan Family Tree Project

From The Mid Ulster Mail News Paper
Are you an O’Neill clan member?
A COOKSTOWN man is undertaking
one of the biggest online family tree
projects ever to have taken place on his
clan’s history.
Daniel O’Neill, chairman of the
Ancient Clan O’Neill of Tyrone, is
running the project to tie in with the
opening of an exclusive County Tyrone
visitor’s centre at Dungannon’s Castle
Hill next year. There are also plans
for an official O’Neill gathering in Tyrone
May 2013
Along with a small group of clan
members, Daniel is hoping to get all
O’Neill’s throughout Mid-Ulster and
beyond to record their family’s history
on the committee’s website; www.
Daniel told the MAIL: “For the first
time in the history of this glorious clan,
we The Ancient Clan O’Neill of Tyrone
on our website want to give every
O’Neill an opportunity to record their
passed O’Neill relatives; father, mother,
grandparents, uncles, aunts, great
grandparents, basically going back as
far as you can.
“We believe all our relatives long gone
deserve a place in history so future
generations can look them up and pay
them homage. I’m sure wherever they
are they would be proud that we made
the effort on their behalf.”
The website was launched on St
Patrick’s Day this year by a small group
of O’Neill’s aiming to keep the culture
and history of the most famous clan in
Ireland alive. It’s free to join and use,
and is already brimming with O’Neill
history and people who help each other
in family research.
Daniel explained; “When you apply to
join you will receive confirmation via
e-mail, after that you are a member, on
the home page you will find the family
tree project, just simply click on the
county you are from and record your
family tree.
“This site belongs to all O’Neills
and we hope people will stick with us
and help build it up, and volunteer
to become committee members and
restore the O’Neill Clan to its former
glory,” he said.
“We already have a small committee,
three of whom recently travelled to
Dublin to represent the Ancient Clan
O’Neill of Tyrone at the first Clans of
Ireland Gala in the Mansion House,”
adds Daniel.
“We have started to build friendships
with other clans who are already very
successful and we have applied to join
the Clans of Ireland an Independent
body who work close with the Irish
government in maintaining Irish
“Hopefully when hundreds of
O’Neill names are recorded on www.
oneillsofulster.com, O’Neills will be
able to search the records to see how
they tie in with other O’Neill families,
finding out if we are related to one and
other, and do we share the same O’Neill
“By doing all this we are keeping our
history alive and once more building a
strong O’Neill Clan,”
The O’Neill’s were once the most
famous and powerful clan in Ulster, if
not the whole of Ireland and all of those
who bear the name today are living
After the Flight of the Earls and the
break up of the Gaelic clan system,
O’Neill’s spread all over the nine
counties of Ulster, and after the 1641
rebellion, land confiscation and two
hundred years later the famine, the
O’Neill name got scattered all over the
Daniel added: “We want all O’Neill’s
to come on our site and record their
family history.
“This is the biggest undertaking ever
done to record the ancient clan O’Neill
and we could do with all the help we
can get.”
“With next year being the Irish
government’s official year of the Clan
gathering and the opening of the visitors
centre in O’Neill Hill Dungannon,
which was once the site of O’Neills
Castle, there is not a better time to start
thinking about who we are.”
Log on to www.oneillsofulster.com


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